Cooking dipped in urine! Be careful before eating eggs in Chinese restaurants

Chinese food is popular all over the world. Eight to eighty all like to eat chowmin, hot pot, spring roll or Chinese soup. Foodies flock to popular restaurants on weekends for these.

But do you know, in which way the Chinese cook eggs? How healthy is that cooking? Is there any special purpose behind it?

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According to the news agency Reuters, a very popular dish in China is called Virgin Boy Eggs. Eggs for this dish are cooked by soaking in urine. This dish is popular throughout China as a very tasty dish.

According to Reuters, Chinese restaurants mainly prepare this dish in the spring. Virgin Boy Eggs are available in several major cities — from the capital Beijing to Shanghai.

Although the origin of this dish is known to be Dongyong area of ​​Eastern China. The Reuters report describes the cooking method of this dish in detail. It is said that restaurant owners collect buckets of urine to cook this dish. Basically they collect this urine from primary schools.

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Restaurant owners claim that Virgin Boy Egg cannot be cooked in the urine of anyone over 10 years old. That is why primary schools are contacted. Every day they collect gallons of urine from there and take it to the restaurant.

Note that to make Virgin Boy Egg, eggs are soaked in a container of urine for a day. This dish takes about 24 hours or sometimes more to prepare. The chefs first boil the eggs and then dip them in the urn. After some time the eggs are washed thoroughly with urine. At that time the urine container is kept warm.

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But it is not only for the taste of the tongue that the Chinese eat this food. Basically, many ordinary citizens of that country eat this food to keep good health. Besides, this food is also believed to help increase sexual potency.

However, the Chinese do not sell this special dish named Virgin Boy Eggs anywhere outside the country. This dish is not available in Chinese restaurants in India.

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