Cocaine smuggling in banana boxes, drugs worth 11 thousand crores seized with the help of detective dogs

Cocaine coming from Ecuador for smuggling was hidden in banana boxes. But even though it was caught by the machine during checking, it could not escape the dog’s nose. Italian customs officials recovered more than 2 thousand kg of cocaine. The market value of recovered cocaine is said to be around Rs 11,000 crore in Indian currency.

According to Italian police sources, the smuggled cocaine was hidden in 70 tonnes of boxed bananas. Banana boxes are brought to the coast of Italy by a cargo ship. Police learned from a source that the banana boxes contained cocaine. And the owner of that banana box is not a fruit merchant.

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Italian customs officials became suspicious of the two containers as they were unloaded from the ship. Then when the two container dogs went to check, the detective dog started screaming. Along with recovering the cocaine, the police also caught the trafficker with the help of a dog.

About 2,700 more cocaine was seized from the two containers. Interrogating the arrested smuggler, Italian customs officials learned that the cocaine was being smuggled to Croatia, Georgia and Greece.

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However, this is not the first such incident in Italy. A few days ago, Italian police seized cocaine smuggled from Ecuador. The cocaine was expected to be trucked in six fruit containers. About 600 kilograms (1,320 pounds) of cocaine were seized during the police check.

The recovered cocaine was brought to Croatia, Greece and Georgia for trafficking via Italy. Meanwhile, it has been reported that drug trafficking has increased in Italy over the past several years. Smugglers target Gioia Tauro, one of Italy’s busiest ports.

After that, a joint search was started by the Italian customs department and the police to stop the smuggling. More than 37 tons of cocaine have been seized in Italy since 2021, Italian police said.

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Incidentally, drugs worth about 25 thousand crore rupees were seized from a ship in the Indian Ocean a few days ago. NCB and Indian Navy conducted a joint search and recovered the drugs. It is suspected that they were being smuggled to Sri Lanka.

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