Clean your hands when you go to the store, the thief is squealing in Britain!

Charles III was crowned in a grand ceremony this month. The British government spent crores of rupees on that event. But the people of England are not happy at all. The cost of living has increased at an unusual rate these days. As a result, they have to struggle to run the family.

In this climate, the problem of pickpocketing has increased in Britain. The local police are worried about that. It is known that sneak theft is being stopped despite continuous arrests.

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According to a report by British media outlet Metro, one in 10 young people are involved in pickpocketing. This number has increased significantly in the last two years. The report claims that if the rate of inflation does not decrease, this ratio will go up to 8 people.

What are the things aimed at by thieves in Britain? According to the administration, they mainly roam in department stores or shopping malls. In most cases, they snack on dry food and drink. Burgers are the most stolen among them. In addition, British police said that the trend of undergarment theft has been observed among dishes and clothes.

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It should be noted that the inflation rate in Britain has increased little by little for the last two years. Increasingly, inflation has now reached double digits. According to the latest reports, this number has reached 10.4 percent.

Economics professors claim that the prices of daily essentials have started to increase due to the increase in the inflation rate. Currently, food and fuel prices in England have skyrocketed.

According to data provided by Britain’s Office of National Statistics, the price of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 19.1 percent. It is known that their prices are going to double this year. It has been reported that the prices of daily essential food items have increased by leaps and bounds since the last quarter of last year.

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On the other hand, Britain has also published the statistics of theft of food items from shops. According to a report by the Independent news agency, pickpocketing is set to increase by 22 percent by September this year.

Incidentally, according to the data provided by the British Retail Consortium, last year 7.9 million, i.e. 80 lakh cases of theft were filed. This number is 5 million more than the 2016-17 financial year, the agency said.

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