Chowmin-Roll-Pizza clutch know what harm to the body? Sensational claims of experts

Bhilwara: As the modern age has changed, so has the way of life and food habits of people. Over the past few years, young and old alike, the taste of fast food has caught the mouth of everyone. Nowadays, young people prefer to eat fast food. Due to which fast food shops are opening fast not only in Bhilwara city but also in small towns and villages. But do you know how much this fast food is damaging your body? Eating fast food not only affects the digestive process but also causes various diseases in the body, claim expert doctors.

In Bhilwara district, till last few years fast food shops were not seen in villages and towns. A few fast food outlets are found in Bhilwara town alone. But now fast food shops are seen in most of the colonies and localities. These stores have been expanding rapidly in the last 10 years. In such a situation, the young generation has become the favorite of all delicious fast food like Momo, Chowmein, Burger, Pizza, Pasta, Macaroni and Manchurian. These days, whether it’s a small meeting or a party with friends, these fast food outlets are packed with crowds.

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According to Bhilwara Deputy Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Ghanshyam Chawla, fast food is harmful to health. High levels of sugar in fast food can increase the risk of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Fatty fast food also has an adverse effect on the nervous system. Memory also weakens, affecting brain function. Eating fast food can increase the problem of headaches and depression. Eating too much adversely affects the digestive system and hinders physical development. Due to the lack of nutrients in fast food, it has an adverse effect on health. So think before you eat fast food next time.

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