Charles’s coronation, the dress of the Bengali girl is touching

King Charles’s coronation is in full swing across Britain. Distinguished guests from all over the world are being invited to this event. The event is slated to begin at 4:30 PM IST on Saturday.

Several guests from India as well as from all over the world have been invited to the royal coronation ceremony. But besides that, this event has another special relationship with India. The clothes that Charles and Camilla are wearing on this day have a relationship with Bengal itself.

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On September 8, Charles ascended the throne himself as king. Now it’s time for his coronation. Charles’ wife Camilla will be officially declared ‘Queen Consort’. Priyanka Mallick, a girl from a remote village in Hooghly, designed Camilla’s dress for the occasion. Priyanka’s design has been selected for Camilla from among the designs of many dressmakers from home and abroad. She will wear the dress of ‘Eternal Rose’ theme.

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But the end is not here. King Charles III wore ‘The Cosmic Butterfly Brooch’ on this occasion. The brooch in the shape of a butterfly is made of a combination of different colors. It is also designed by Priyanka. However, there is still doubt as to whether Charles and Camilla will be seen wearing this dress at the main event. It is reported that King Charles III and Queen Camilla will be seen wearing the dress and brooch at some of the inaugurations, if not the main event.

Earlier, Priyanka had sent designs for Queen Elizabeth II’s dress and tiara for her 70th anniversary. It is appreciated in the royal family. Since then his acceptance has increased there. But Priyanka hasn’t had a chance to go to England yet. He told the media that if he gets a chance, he will definitely go there. Although for now, the source of the coronation is the Bengali girl in the discussion.

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