‘By the time you hear this video message…’, Imran’s video went viral after his arrest

“Dear countrymen, when this message reaches you, I may no longer be among you.” This is what Imran Khan said in his last social media post before his arrest. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan gave a special message for the people of Pakistan.

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In a video message, Imran Khan said, “By the time you hear this video message, maybe I will be arrested in an illegal case. Then you will understand that there is no fundamental right, no democracy in this country. Everything is buried under the grave.”

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Did Imran Khan know that he will be arrested by the Pak army? His last video message indicated the same. This pre-recorded video message of Imran went viral after his arrest.

In a video message, Imran Khan said, “Today I am going to court, there is no need to bring police, rangers, force. If anyone has a warrant bring it. I will go straight to jail. Please don’t do any drama. Nothing against me. No case. But, I am mentally ready. They want to send me to jail. I am ready to go to jail.” Even, Imran Khan has already said on social media who is responsible for his fate. Along with a senior military officer, he directly pointed the finger against the ISI. The PTI chief also made explosive allegations that the senior ISI officer tried to kill him twice.

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“We are the biggest political party in the country. I don’t need to lie. Whenever there is an investigation, I will prove that this person was behind the attempt to kill me,” Imran Khan said on his way to the Islamabad High Court before his arrest. He also alleged that when he wanted to lodge an FIR against the ISI officer, his FIR was not taken first. Imran also alleged that two police officers of Punjab prevented him from investigating his FIR. The former prime minister also questioned who is behind it, who is so powerful. He also said, “Later investigation proved that there were 3 shooters to kill me.”

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Incidentally, Pakistan Rangers arrested Imran Khan on his way to the Islamabad court after giving a video message. Imran Khan appeared in the Islamabad High Court today in the land corruption case known as ‘Alqadir Trust Case’. Pak Rangers took him into custody directly from the court premises.

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