Butterfly responsible for the death of millions of people! You will be surprised to know the reason

Sudden illness at a young age. Death before reaching 40. Not only in India, the trend of premature death is increasing all over the world. Behind which is the hand of a butterfly! There is noise around the world around this claim of the researchers.

According to a recent study published in the journal Science, every year around five million people around the world die before reaching old age. Apart from heart disease and cancer, the main reason behind this is the hand of insects like butterflies, the researchers said.

Why is this claimed in the survey? According to researchers, butterflies play a major role in crop production. This insect helps pollinate flowers. Because of which the flower becomes the fruit.

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According to a study published in the journal Science, forests have been severely damaged by wildfires in the past few years. Besides, billions of butterflies have died in these fires. This has a direct impact on agriculture.

It should be noted that the researchers conducted a survey of 344 high-yielding agricultural fields in the world for about two years. They claim that the yield of these agricultural fields has decreased at a noticeable rate due to the decrease in butterflies or such insects.

The study also said that fruit production has decreased by about 4.7 percent due to reduction in pests. On the other hand, the yield of vegetables has decreased by 3.2 percent.

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In this situation, farmers are using chemical fertilizers to keep the ratio of crop production with the increasing population. The study claims that it is causing multiple heart diseases or cancer.

In the words of entomologist Manu Saunders, “The natural balance has been greatly disturbed as butterflies or moths have declined significantly. If this situation continues, at some point there will be no other option than artificial pollination. Which will have a direct impact on people’s eating habits.”

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Not only that, the entomologist expressed concern that the price of crops and fruits will increase in the coming days. “India’s population has grown tremendously in the past few years. India is currently the most populous country in the world. If the population increases, the crop production will increase accordingly. And it should not be an artificial method at all.” Entomologist Manu Saunders told the media.

On the other hand, expert doctors have also acknowledged this problem. They said heart disease and cancer are the main causes of death at a young age. Doctors have mainly blamed the diet behind it.

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