Boris, 58, announced the happy news that the former British Prime Minister is the father of the eighth child

Good news in the life of Boris! A new guest is lighting up the house of 58-year-old former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His wife Carrie Johnson is pregnant. Boris himself said by posting this news on Instagram.

He also posted pictures with his children. There he wrote, “There will be a new member on the team. My son Wilf is very excited about this. The little one doesn’t understand what’s going on. But he will soon.”

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It should be noted that apart from politics, he has also made headlines several times for personal reasons Boris Johnson. Carrie Johnson is his third wife. Boris has seven children and two with Carrie. Three-year-old child named Wilf and two-year-old Romy. A new member is coming to this family. Boris Johnson’s ex-wife Marina. He and Marina have four children.

Boris has also fathered a child with Helen McIntyre, according to various international media sources. Although the former British Prime Minister never opened his mouth on this matter. However, he has no children with his first wife.

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Already after the news, well wishes are flooding in Boris. A section of Netpara is congratulating him and his family members. A nine-bedroom villa was recently bought by the Prime Minister of Britain. After that he gave this good news.

It should be noted that Boris has been involved in several controversies before. From the Party Gate scandal to the hiding of information about the MP’s sex scandal, various theories have emerged behind his departure from Number 10 Downing Street.

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Charges were filed against Boris, he tried to uncover the misdeeds of former civil servant and MP Christopher Pincher. Pincher was accused of being rude to an MP by calling him to his office. Later he was suspended by the Conservative Party. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson’s office tried to avoid responsibility by saying that Pincher did not know about all these crimes.

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He was also heavily criticized for ‘Party Gate’. Where he ignored the lockdown in the Corona situation and organized a party with the workers in the Prime Minister’s office. Boris himself was seen there with a glass of wine. Although in this incident he had to apologize to Queen Elizabeth II.

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