Book about the pain of losing a loved one after killing her husband by taking drugs! The arrested writer’s wife

She killed her husband by giving him drugs. He wrote the book to highlight the unbearable pain of losing a loved one. But the wife could not save the end. Police have arrested a woman named Kauri Darden Richins for allegedly killing her husband with drugs. The incident happened in Utah, USA.

It is reported that on March 4, 2022, Kauri’s husband, Eric Richins, died unexpectedly. Kauri is haunted by the grief of her husband’s death. The woman also wrote a book earlier this year to overcome her grief. In the book, he mentioned what the state of mind of people can be if they lose their loved ones. However, the woman also gave tips on how to adapt to such a situation.

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In an interview given to an American newspaper after the publication of the book, Kouri said that writing the book will help restore peace between her and her three children. He appeals to those who have not yet overcome the grief of losing a loved one to read his book. But shortly after the publication of the byte, sensational information about the author came into the hands of the US police.

Kauri reported her husband’s death to the police in 2022 in the small American mountain town of Camas. Police said he had been drinking with Eric. The husband passed out shortly after drinking. The body becomes cold. Then the police came and recovered Eric’s body and sent it for an autopsy. The autopsy report revealed the presence of large quantities of drugs in Eric’s body.

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Police in Utah recently arrested a man on suspicion of drug trafficking. His eyes widened when he saw the information found during his interrogation. It is claimed that Kauri was close to the arrested drug trafficker.

According to the police, the woman was in contact with the accused from 2021 till February last year. During this time, he regularly asked for drugs from the accused. An audio in this regard came to the hands of the police.

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Utah police suspect that Kouri regularly fed the drug to her husband. It is assumed that Eric died due to drug overdose. And the police think that the police gave the information so that there is no doubt on him. And Kauri has been arrested on the charge of murdering Tarep’s husband.

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