Billions of rupees flew to bury the queen! Anger is growing over the unaccountable royal family

Billions of rupees were spent on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Now the British government gave a thorough calculation of that cost. Debate has already started over this huge expenditure.

According to information provided by the British government, 162 million pounds were spent on the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Which is about 200 million US dollars. If calculated in Indian currency, the sum will be 1 thousand 658 crores.

King Charles III Coronation: Crowned with pure gold, Charles III on the throne
Queen Elizabeth II was buried in full state honors on September 19 last year. No one has been given a state funeral in Britain since former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The proverbial Prime Minister Churchill died in 1965.

It should be noted that several world heads of state were invited to Elizabeth II’s funeral. Among the invitees were US President Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. After the Queen’s death, a national mourning was observed in Britain for 10 days.

Elizabeth II passed away on September 8 last year at Balmoral Palace in Scotland. He was on the throne of Britain for almost 70 years. He was ceremonially crowned in 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II: Except for the Queen’s photo in the note, which country took this decision?
After the Queen’s death, her coffin was brought to London in a special carriage. After visiting Buckingham Palace, the coffin was placed in Westminster Abbey. The British people paid their last respects to him there. Besides, the invited heads of state also paid their respects.

Incidentally, Elizabeth II is buried in Windsor Castle. The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, passed away a few years ago. He called Elizabeth ‘Lillibet’ during her lifetime. Next to his tomb lies the beloved ‘Lillibet’.

Last year’s fleet of state funeral expenses was reported to Parliament in writing by the British Treasury on Thursday. “The entire event was completed with dignity. People’s safety was also taken care of.” British Treasury Secretary John Glenn said in the statement.

King Charles III Notes: King Charles in Britain’s notes! Image of the new pound in public
On the other hand, Elizabeth’s eldest son Charles III was crowned in Westminster Abbey this month. The British government spent a lot of money on that event too. The number of invited guests in this event was more than 600.

A group of citizens have raised questions about this huge cost for the British royal family. They protested during the coronation of Charles on this issue. The need to have a king or queen in the 21st century has also been questioned. However, British conservatives stand by the royal family.

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