Bezos, the father of 4 children of the Amazon founder, is engaged to his girlfriend

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos got engaged to girlfriend Lorraine Sanchez. In that sense, the news has been published in the American newspaper. The duo is currently at the Cannes Film Festival in France. They are also one of the attractions of the star-studded movie festival. Rumors have been rife for months that the couple is getting married. Bezos’ romance with Lorraine, a former journalist, began in 2018. However, they kept their relationship a secret for several years. Because Bezos’ first marriage of 25 years was still not finalized.

Bezos has four children from his 25-year marriage with his first wife Mackenzie Scott. Divorce also hit the headlines as did their married life. According to the news published in the press Mackenzie Received $38 billion in divorce settlement.

The settlement made Mackenzie the third richest woman in the world. He also owns 25 percent of his joint stock with Bezos in Amazon. Mackenzie has already expressed his desire to travel to space.

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Mackenzie was previously married to Patrick Whitesell. Patrick and Mackenzie have two children, Ella and Evan. Mackenzie is also the mother of 22-year-old son Nikko. Nikko’s father is former NFL player Tony Gonzales.

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