Be careful! And whatever you do, don’t forget this one thing in summer

Summer is going on in India now. Every day the heat is increasing with the heat of the sun. Common people have been affected by the extreme heat. But even at this moment, the meteorologists are not able to hear the hope. Due to the change in the local weather, no one is spared even if the temperature drops slightly due to light storms. Not only common people but also animals have to suffer. From morning to afternoon, the light of fire is blowing from the sky. Two-wheelers or those who walk to their place of work or work daily have to cover their faces to protect themselves from the heat. At present, the maximum temperature in the city has crossed 42 degrees.

During this time the demand for drinks like cold drinks has increased due to the heat. Due to the heat, the number of patients in the hospital has also increased. So let’s know how to take care of health during summer season and what doctors say about it.

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Bhilwara Additional Health Officer Dr. According to CP Goswami, the weather is constantly changing during this time. Sometimes the heat subsides due to rain but the sudden change in weather and daily unbearable temperature is very harmful for common people. Everyone should be careful about this, there is also a need to change our lifestyle and diet. In such a situation, drink only lemon juice, curd, lassi and water. Everyone should eat more green vegetables. Various daily tasks can be completed in the morning or evening as much as possible. Leave the house only if absolutely necessary. Dr. According to CP Goswami, it is better not to drink too much cold water during the changing season, and also to avoid eating stale food.

Dr. CP Goswami also said that during the summer season it is often seen that many people pour cold drinks down their throats to get quick relief from the heat. But it damages our body and kidneys. Instead, ORS powder can be used. It is very beneficial for the body and does not cause any harm to the body. Rather, it eliminates the deficiency of glucose in the body.

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