Bathing, soaking in the swimming pool without a touch of sunscreen! Tips to avoid damage

The swimming season has started as soon as the heat falls. Many have turned to water parks or swimming pools to escape the sweltering heatwave. For those who can swim, this summer is ideal. Those who compete in swimming, or, those who swim for pleasure, love to be in the water during this season. Children of the house also flock to the water park or swimming pool during the summer holidays.

Swimming is also very beneficial for the body. It is good exercise. But there are some things to keep in mind while swimming.

# National level swimmer Tamanna Kanwar Chauhan while talking about the good aspects of swimming said that some key points should be kept in mind while swimming.

# Swimmers should take a bath before entering the swimming pool and after swimming. Sunscreen lotion or cream should be applied well on the exposed part of the body before entering the pool. Normally, chlorine is used to keep swimming pool water clean. This system is to prevent this chemical water from mixing with sunlight and damaging the skin.

# It is very important to keep the skin cells moisturized before going to the swimming pool. That is why it is necessary to take a bath first. Otherwise, chlorine water can dry out skin cells. Moist skin can remain normal in chlorine water.

# Special glasses for swimming are also available. They need to be used. Otherwise, chlorine water can enter the eyes. There is risk of loss.

# Good quality swimwear is required. Synthetic fabrics can cause damage to the body. Various types of skin diseases can occur from swimming pools, be careful.

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# Chlorine water can also cause hair damage. So swimming cap must be used.

Those who cannot swim well must enter the pool in the presence of a life guard. Tamanna said every swimmer should practice swimming as instructed by the coach. Otherwise an accident may occur, there is a risk of getting sick.

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