Awareness campaign for chronic respiratory diseases like asthma in children

Kolkata: World Asthma Awareness Month is underway. On that occasion, Cipla launched a novel initiative to create awareness among general patients and public. That public awareness concern has been named ‘Tafis’. This awareness initiative is aimed at improving the health of children with respiratory problems, including children with asthma.

Usually largely non-infectious and chronic, this disease is most common in children. About 7.9% of Indian children suffer from asthma. In these cases, 80% of asthma patients have symptoms in the first 6 years of life. Inadequate knowledge, misconceptions and myths about the disease cause people to neglect treatment including inhalation therapy. Due to which asthma is not diagnosed in time and is not treated. As a result, the disease does not come under control. Which affects the quality of life. As a result, patients have to rush to the hospital repeatedly and children miss school because of this.

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Respiratory diseases like asthma and their treatment are associated with misconceptions and social stigma. And this ‘Tafis’ campaign is mainly brought for children of 5 to 10 years. Most importantly, this public awareness campaign is mainly carried out through comic books and animated video series.

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Kolkata’s pediatrician Dr. emphasized the importance of raising awareness about pediatric asthma through the ‘Tafis’ campaign. Shubashis Roy. But pediatric asthma can be a very distressing condition for both the child and his family, he said. It is a chronic condition. Which requires intensive management to control symptoms. Severe conditions can be controlled with early diagnosis and proper treatment.

Misconceptions about the disease, especially medical misconceptions including inhalation therapy, and fear of social stigma make parents hide the disease. As a result the symptoms get worse. Quality of life begins to deteriorate due to inadequate disease control. Patients often have to be admitted to the hospital. And school is missed. Awareness campaigns like ‘Tafis’ are needed to fight social stigma and create a better environment for children with asthma.

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