Avoid major accidents! The plane caught fire just before it took off

A Brazilian passenger plane survived a major accident. The plane’s engine caught fire before taking off. The passengers of the plane were then brought down safely. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

According to Brazilian administration sources, the incident took place on May 4. A plane belonging to the Brazilian airlines company ‘Gol Linhas Arias Intelligentes’ was preparing to take off from Rio de Janeiro’s Santos Airport to Porta. The plane’s engine caught fire shortly before take-off.

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Panic spread among the passengers of the plane. Firefighters rushed to the spot after receiving information about the fire. All the passengers of the plane were brought down safely. The fire was brought under control after several efforts.

Meanwhile, a passenger posted a video of the plane’s engine catching fire on social media. Instantly it went viral. The video shows the plane’s engine on fire. Netizens breathed a sigh of relief as the passengers got off the plane safely.

Meanwhile, a Brazilian media outlet blamed the incident on technical issues. Reports claim that the incident occurred shortly before takeoff, saving many lives. Air traffic at Santos Airport was disrupted for more than an hour due to an engine fire, the media reported.

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Meanwhile, the airline said, early detection of the technical problem has saved major accidents. In this regard, the role of the pilot and crew of the aircraft has been appreciated by the airline. The passengers faced extreme difficulties due to the fire of the aircraft engine.

They have to wait for some time for the next flight. Later, the plane headed towards the destination without any problems with the passengers. A similar incident happened at the end of last April. A plane suddenly caught fire in mid-air.

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The plane made an emergency landing at the Ohio airport after the incident spread panic among the passengers. The incident occurred while the American Airlines flight was en route from Columbus Airport to Phoenix. A bird hit the plane’s engine in mid-air, catching fire.

The plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Ohio Airport. However, no casualties were reported in the accident. Passengers were quickly rescued from the plane.

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