Army, or America’s enemy, the captain is in trouble

Islamabad: Pakistan is hot against the captain’s ‘unfair’ arrest. After the army headquarters in Rawalpindi, the protests spread to the Radio Pakistan building in Peshawar. The fire burned. Supporters of Imran Khan are protesting in Lahore, Karachi, Gujranwala, Faizlabad, Multan, Peshawar and Mardan. Demonstrations continue in Cantonment area of ​​Lahore. An army camp in Peshawar was also set on fire. Karachi army quarters were also attacked. Imran’s supporters are pouring abroad. A careful watch is being kept everywhere.

Imran Khan Arrested: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested after taunting Bilal who returned to India
In the 1970s, protests erupted against the arrest of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, the prime minister of Pakistan who was deposed in a military coup. But the service did not affect the army in that way. But this time as the target army! But why? The former cricket star still maintains his ‘playboy’ image. From there, he joined the anti-corruption movement in the political arena, formed his own party and took part in the polls and won the seat of Pakistan in 2018. Some claim that the army was behind this rise of Imran.

Imran Khan Video Message: ‘By the time you hear this video message…’, Imran’s video goes viral after his arrest
How did the relationship change? After being shot at a campaign rally last November, Imran himself told the media that within days of coming to power promising to build a corruption-free country, he realized that he could not do anything in the face of obstruction by the military. Imran’s conflict with the army intensified during the ISI-chief election. On this side, the army also understands that the ‘experiment’ with Imran, who has the support of the majority of the middle class, is not particularly fruitful. However, Imran claims that whatever the relationship with the army, the Sharif family has played the real game of getting US support to oust him.

Imran Khan: Former Pak Prime Minister threw away the easy attitude of the player, do you know why?
But suddenly America’s or why is the captain blind? Imran claimed that America conspired to remove him because he tried to build friendly relations with Russia. Imran wanted to maintain good relations with America as well as Russia and China by following India’s path. Earlier, he was also seen supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. All in all, therefore, during the Imran period, America was torn about Pakistan. Some claim that the Pak Army also used weapons against him.

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