Anubrata’s daughter was lodged in Tihar Jail, requesting to talk to her father on the phone

Astronomical Worker: ED did not plead to take custody of Anubrata’s daughter Sukanya Mondal in the cow smuggling case. So, like father, Sukanya Mandal’s destination is now Tihar Jail. Sukanya will remain in Delhi’s Tihar Jail till May 12. ED arrested Sukanya Mondal after prolonged interrogation last Wednesday. The Central Investigation Agency arrested him on the charge of not cooperating with the investigation. Delhi’s Rouse Avenue court sent him to jail today.

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Sukanya requested to speak with her father on the phone at the hearing. He also asked the jailer to take away some religious books. Subhendu Ajhadhikari is concerned about the jailing of Anubrata’s daughter. He said, Trinamool showed new game. This is the first time the family is inside for theft. Telling the people of the state that a wheel chair and a football will be available at Sufyan’s house. If someone wants to buy it, buy it.

Trinamool leader Jayprakash Majumder said about Sukanya Mandal’s Tihar Yatra, it was sent to jail before it was proved guilty. The same was done in the case of Sudip Banerjee. The same was done with Tapas Pal. But he and his brothers who are raising these things would have been in jail for a long time before they joined the BJP. He is trying to turn black to white in the washing machine. He took money to get his hands in front of everyone. It is not appropriate for him to say these things.

It should be noted that Sukanya Mondal was arrested by ED on April 26. According to ED sources, ED officials have found inconsistencies in Sukanya Mandal’s statements several times. He could not account for his property properly. Anuvrata was once believed to have used Sukanya Mandal’s account. But repeated inquiries revealed that Sukanya knew everything about his property.

Before Anuvratar’s arrest, ED arrested his bodyguard Saigal Hossain and his chartered accountant Manish Kothari. After questioning them, ED got many sensational information. After passing many legal hurdles, the Central Investigation Agency arrested Anuvrata Mandal. Anuvratar has been lodged in Tihar Jail. Sargal Hossain and Manish Kothari are there. According to sources, whenever Sukanya was questioned, she said that her father and Manish Kaku knew everything. But recently, Sukanya was repeatedly avoiding the ED summons. Today, he was arrested on charges of non-cooperation with the investigation after prolonged interrogation.

Sensational information was found in Sukanya Mandal’s income tax return. Primary school teacher Kest-Kanya’s fortune has rocketed. According to CBI sources, Sukanya’s income has increased by 175 times in 8 years! Between 2013-14 and 2021-22, the income increased by almost 175 times. In 2019-20, the revenue has more than doubled compared to the previous year. CBI got this information from Sukanya’s income tax return. What is the magic of this huge increase in the income of a little elementary teacher? CBI investigators question the chargesheet. Not only Sukanya, Anuvrata Mandal’s property has also increased at a huge rate. Anuvrata income has increased almost 19 times in 8 years.

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