American soil history! A woman of Indian origin leads the New York police force

Another winner of Indian origin on foreign soil. Pratima Bhullar Maldonado got the responsibility of law and order in New York. She is the first woman not only from India but from entire South Asia to achieve this unique honor.

Pratima recently became the ‘Captain’ of the New York Police Department or NYPD. He joined the post this month. Before Pratima, there is no precedent for a female officer to hold such a high position. He will be responsible for law and order in the Queens area of ​​South Richmond Hill.

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Note that New NYPD Captain Pratima was born in Punjab. He came to America when he was only nine years old. After that, Pratima started living with her family in New York, the capital.

Pratima was promoted to captain last month, according to reports in CBS News, a local New York media outlet. It is reported that he joined the new post this month after his promotion.

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According to NYPD Captain Pratima’s family, they lived in South Richmond Hill after coming to New York. Pratima’s childhood was spent in this area. As a result, he knows the entire Richmond Hill like the palm of his hand. And that is why he was appointed here, experts claim.
Incidentally, the largest number of Sikhs living in America live in Richmond Hill. Pratima himself is a Sikh. He was quite excited about the news of promotion.

In an interview given to the media, Captain Pratima said, “I spent the first 25 years of my life in Richmond Hill. Taking over as captain there is like coming home.” Captain Pratima also clarified that there will be no difficulty in working at Richmond Hill.

“As a child, I used to go to pray at the Gurdwara there. I can go there again. But this time I will go as a captain. That will give a great feeling.” Pratima said in the interview.

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The new captain of the NYPD has four children. They also live in Richmond Hill with their mother. Although the news of mother’s promotion has not yet been understood by Pratima’s children.

According to US administration sources, there are currently 33 thousand 787 workers in NYPD. Only 10.5 percent of the workforce is of Asian descent. However, the number of female officers in the NYPD is very low. As a result, this success of Pratima is considered as eye-catching by the aware people.

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