AI Chatbot Snapchat: Sex chat with boyfriends for money! A young woman is embarrassed by the achievements of her own AI chatbot

Karin Morjori has been named as a social media influencer at the age of just 23 years. He has 1 million 8 thousand followers on Snapchat. And while talking with these followers, the young woman made a scene. Millions of messages were pouring into her inbox asking to be her boyfriend. And while answering them, he got involved in sex chats and sexually exciting conversations. But when the real news came out, everyone’s eyes were raised.

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It’s not social media influencer Karin Morjori, but an artificial intelligence chatbot that does these lewd chats for her. This social media influencer created a chatbot called Karin AI. This chatbot has chatted with boyfriends exactly like him.

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This voice base chatbot calls itself a virtual girlfriend. And then he continues chatting with Karin’s male friends. The line to talk to Karin AI has fallen by the wayside. Hiridik is stuck in the message box of social accounts. Even, everyone is willing to pay one dollar per minute to talk to this chatbot.

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It is known that almost a thousand customers have already added this AI chatbot. Karin released this chatbot initially just for testing. And that’s Kellafte. In just one week, this chatbot earned Karin 71 thousand 610 dollars, which is about 6 million rupees in Indian currency.

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Carin says that even though he made this artificial version, he did not want to earn through it. But, as it turns out, one stick of Karin’s guidance is upping the ante on these AI men who are drunk on sex chats for money. Karin has opened up about the matter. “AI was not created for this reason. But, we do not understand how its programming changed. We are trying to recover it day and night,” he told the press.

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Karin created this artificial intelligence to interact with social media followers. It is Karin’s voice, personality that will be able to interact with the fans. But, he did such a thing, Karin is really ashamed of it. More than 2,000 pieces of information were given to Karin’s AI. Karin thought this AI would talk to everyone just like her and no one would catch it.

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Anytime, anywhere this Carin AI chatbot will be running. But, this chatbot becomes terrible in his case. This social media influencer explained the matter on his website.

Karin’s AI used deleted videos from her official YouTube channel while having sex chats. This chatbot also provides end-to-end encrypted option while chatting with male friends.

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