‘Aggression on the border is responsible…’, Jaishankar again targeted China

After Rajnath, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar targeted China. He said that China’s violation of the border agreement is becoming the main obstacle in the normalization of relations between the two countries. India’s foreign minister gave that message to China while visiting the Dominican Republic. Speaking in Santo Domingo, Jaishankar said that China has deployed huge troops in eastern Ladakh in violation of the border agreement.

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India condemns this aggressive attitude of Beijing. According to the foreign minister, China’s aggressive attitude is hindering the development of bilateral relations between the two countries. He also said that Beijing has been warned several times in this regard. He also emphasized that the border dispute should be resolved according to the existing agreement between the two countries.

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Note that on May 5, 2020, China invaded the Pangong Lake area of ​​Eastern Ladakh. When the Indian army intervened at that time, there was a massive clash between the armies of the two countries. After that, cold relations developed between the two countries over the border. 18 meetings have been held at the military level of the two countries to maintain stability on the border. Although solutions have been found in most cases, there are still disagreements in some cases. However, the military officials of the two countries have expressed hope that the dispute will be resolved soon.

SCO Defense Ministers Meeting: This is the first Chinese defense minister in India after the Galwan and Tawang conflict, will the border problem be resolved?
China changed the names of several places in Arunachal Pradesh this year. The territories are claimed to belong to Tibet. This attitude of Beijing has been criticized as a reflection of aggression in the world diplomatic circles. India strongly condemned China’s behavior. New Delhi clearly stated that Arunachal is part of India.

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Incidentally, Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu came to India last Thursday to attend the Shanghai Corporation Organization meeting. While attending the meeting, he met India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. About 45 minutes of the meeting between the defense ministers of the two countries. In that meeting, Rajnath made it clear that the border problem is becoming an obstacle in the friendly relations between the two countries. After a few hours, Foreign Minister Jaishankar targeted China again.

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The foreign minister also highlighted India’s attitude towards neighboring countries in Santo Domingo. He claimed that the Indian government has taken a liberal policy to extend the hand of cooperation to its smaller neighbours. Jaishankar did not forget to mention that Pakistan is an exception in this regard.

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