Addicted captain! Explosive Health Minister

Islamabad: Captain in more trouble. There is strong speculation in Pakistan that his party PTI may be banned. In the meantime, the news spread that the Pakistani government has informed that the former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and his wife Bushra Bibi, who are accused in various cases, cannot leave the country in any way. 16 workers of Imran’s party have been handed over to the army for trial. All in all, people in the know fear that the situation of civil war is approaching in Pakistan.

Imran Khan: Pak ‘captain’ gets bail in eight cases
On this day, the health minister of Pakistan Abdul Qadir Patel again raised questions about the captain’s nature-character-health. He claimed that the physical examination of the former prime minister has proved that he regularly takes cocaine. Abdul said in a press conference that alcohol was also found in the body of ‘drug-addict’ Imran. Pakistan’s health minister also commented that Imran’s leg was not even broken and he had lost his mental balance.

Imran Khan: Imran under pressure again! The Pakistani court allowed the trial of 33 supporters
After Imran’s arrest in a corruption case on May 9, he underwent a physical examination. Abdul said that the evidence of alcohol and drugs was found. He claimed that Imran had lost his mental balance due to the fear of that report being published. Amidst this controversial claim, ban on leaving the country again. However, Imran said that he has no plans to leave Pakistan at the moment.

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