A person was crossing the road with a group of ducks! The car hit him

Before you know it, a car hit and left! No, not carelessly. There was no incident where he was crossing the road while talking on mobile or talking to someone else. Rather, he died on the road due to a completely different reason. Recently, such an incident happened in California, America. According to media sources, the person was helping several ducks to cross the road just before the accident. While taking a flock of ducks across the road, he was suddenly hit by a car. He died on the spot.

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A 12-year-old boy who was present at the time of the accident told the media that the person got out of the car after seeing the ducks’ problem. Then he was helping the group of ducks to cross the road by stopping other cars. Among the group of ducks were several small ducks. For whom it is not easy to cross that busy road. So Casey Rivera, 41, came forward to help them. Seeing his help, many clapped their hands in appreciation. Casey also got the ducks to cross the road properly. But when he was returning after giving, an accident happened. It is not said from where a car can come and hit him suddenly.

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According to police sources, the person died on the spot. The driver in the car was a teenager. Following the tragic accident, many in California visited the site and left flowers and rubber ducks to honor Casey’s memory. Many people expressed their condolences to his family by mentioning this incident through social media.

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