A jacket made from plastic bottles, Modi’s cool style statement in Hiroshima

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the G-7 summit in Japan. While other heads of state wear expensive suits, the Prime Minister of India wears a jacket made from discarded materials. Not a chunky butt, but a ghee colored jacket over a white kurta-pajama had a complete desi touch.

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But, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Ghee Raksha jacket was no ordinary jacket that day. It is made using discarded plastic bottles as recycled material. The Prime Minister wore this recycled jacket while visiting the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. The whole world is fascinated by that. The jacket made of recycled materials has already started to be discussed on social media. Everyone is applauding the Prime Minister for this effort to highlight Indian culture on foreign soil.

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This light colored jacket is called ‘Sadri’. On this day, the heads of state of the G-7 countries visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in addition to the Peace Memorial Museum. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also wore this jacket at that time.

But this is not the first time, earlier Narendra Modi wore a jacket made of plastic in the Parliament of India. The light blue colored jacket is made from recycled plastic material. The Prime Minister’s dress was also made from the plastic bottles thrown by the public on the streets. This collared jacket was gifted to the Prime Minister by the Indian Oil Corporation. It took 15 recycled PET plastic bottles to make the jacket.

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The Prime Minister of India paid floral tributes at the memorial museum built to commemorate the victims of the US atomic bombing of this Japanese city at the end of World War II in 1945. He was accompanied by Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Japan’s Fumio Kishida among other world leaders.

On this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in response to the journalist’s question, “In my opinion, the development model should be a source of learning for other countries. The development model cannot be a thorn in the path of developing countries. Let the natural farming system be started as an alternative to fertilizers. Let this natural farming system spread all over the world. I feel that farmers all over the world should take help of digital technology right now. Organic food should be removed from fashion statement and commercialization. It has to do with hygiene.”

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