54 degree heat is not too late! Scientists heard about the terrible danger

Not just Kolkata or West Bengal. Heat is spreading across South Asia. This problem is increasing day by day. The temperature is increasing in parallel with environmental pollution and greenhouse gases. A statistic of last April surprised even the world’s best scientists in this sunny climate. Last April, the average temperature across South Asia was over 40 degrees. Among them, the heat of Bangladesh was the record heat of that country in the last 50 years. Islands such as Thailand and Laos also experienced record summer temperatures. Thailand recorded the highest temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius and 42 degrees Celsius. But scientists are not only blaming nature as the main reason behind such high temperatures. Rather, it is thought that most of it is happening due to various human activities. An international team of climate experts claimed so on Wednesday.

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However, scientists have also warned about India in addition to giving this special information on this day. It is said that temperatures in several Indian cities may increase by 8 to 9 degrees above the normal average temperature. In the days to come, the Indian subcontinent will face dire dangers. This is claimed in a special study called Rapid Attribution Analysis.

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How did this study go? The experts have also given a brief description of it. The study measures the heat and humidity levels of each of the countries in South Asia. This special report is prepared on that basis. According to the report, 54 degrees Celsius is considered dangerously hot. But if man’s recent activities continue in this way, then the dreaded day will not be too late. So it is not necessary to take quick action on this.

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