3 anti-government people hanged in Iran

Tehran: During the anti-hijab protest in Iran, they shot and killed three members of the security forces, the Iranian administration hanged three people on this charge. And the western world protested around that decision. Majid Kazemi, Saleh Mirhashemi and Saeed Yahoubi were arrested in November and convicted in January of ‘war against God’.

They were also accused of enrolling in illegal groups against the Iranian administration. Hijab is compulsory for women in hard-line Iran. Mahsa Amini, 22, was picked up by Iran’s policy police for not wearing the hijab properly.

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On September 16, 22-year-old Amini died in police custody. The family claims that he died due to police brutality. As news of Amini’s death spread, women took to the streets of Iran to protest the hijab policy.

In the months that followed, Iran erupted in protests. Several protestors were killed, several security officers were also killed. The Iranian administration began to brutally suppress the protests.

Earlier, Iran hanged four more people for anti-government protests. The number increased to 7. The European Union condemned the decision of the Iranian administration.

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EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell said, “Iran should refrain from carrying out the death penalty in accordance with international law. Freedom of speech and peaceful protest should at least be respected.”

Iranian-born British actor Nazanin Boniadi complained on Twitter, “Three innocent people were forced to give false confessions, put to death in a ridiculous trial!” Kazemi’s family now resides in Australia. His cousin Mohammed Hashemi wrote an open letter to Australian Foreign Minister Penny Ong.

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He said, “30-year-old Majid was a compassionate, generous man. Like other Iranians, he went to protest peacefully. Is his death desirable?” In response, the Australian Foreign Minister gave a message to stand by the people of Iran.

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