1000 year old Bible manuscripts! It was sold at auction at a record price

1,100 year old Hebrew Bible. It is considered to be one of the oldest biblical manuscripts in the world. That Bible was auctioned in New York on Wednesday. The total price rose to 38 million dollars. 314 crores in Indian currency. This Codex Sassoon is almost the entire Hebrew Bible in a leather case. Also written on parchment paper. The Bible was purchased by Alfred H. Moses, former US Ambassador to Romania, on behalf of the American Friends of ANU. He later donated it to the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv. For now, this book will be added to Sotheby’s collection. Prior to the auction, the book was on display at the ANU Museum. It is kept in the ANU Museum for everyone to see around the world.

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Sotheby’s Judaica expert Sharon Lieberman Mintz said Hebrew reflects the profound power, influence and significance of the Bible. It is an essential pillar for humanity. Incidentally, this price of 314 crores also includes the fee charged by the auction house. It was one of the highest prices for a manuscript sold at auction. In 2021, a rare copy of the US Constitution in the same format sold for $43 million. Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester sold for $31 million in 1994. In today’s currency that is 60 million dollars. Mintz said he was very pleased with the results of the auction day. According to him, Codex Sassoon will soon return to Israel in great and permanent condition.

Codex Sassoon is believed to have been created sometime between 880 and 960. After being named in 1929, it was bought by David Solomon Sassoon. He was the son of an Iraqi Jewish businessman who filled his London home with a collection of Jewish manuscripts. After he died, Sassoon’s estate collapsed. The biblical codex was sold by Sotheby’s in Zurich in 1978 to the British Rail Pension Fund. At that time its price rose to 1.4 million US dollars as of today.

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